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Ahuramazdan: Ascendancy

Ahuramazdan: Ascendancy

Many ask me "Ali ina darand chekar meekonad?"

(What are they doing in that engraving?)

Yeki, yek chizi dastesh gerefteh.

(One of them has something in his hand)

Az tamam chizhayi ke mitonestan betarashand, chera ino keshidan? Maskhareh bazieh.

(Of all the things they could have carved out, why have they drawn this? It's a joke!)

It appears the duality of life as in Ohrmazd and Ahriman is being emphasized. The Sasanians believed in Zurvanism, with Father time looking over the choices a human, needs to make in the circle of life. Cooperation is emphasized, to manage the status quo when life is still.

Yani chi "When Life is still?"

Ahuramazdans are always positive. You either move forwards or you stand still. 

In terms of space-time, you either change and progress with time, or you stay the same and go around in circles. You face your choices when you go around in circles. You do not go backwards as you make the choices. All choices are good as failures are lessons, Good lessons.

Keeping an open mind and reaching out to others for solutions, is the most humiliating yet most important attitude an Emperor must possess. That is what the engraving shows. There are times when you will find your answer to "Catch-22", as we call it in the modern era, in the most unsuspected places.

Indirect relationships are part and parcel of Iranian mythology. Below is an extract from Karnamak of Ardeshir Babakan. It shows how he got out of his dilemma.

"On hearing these words, Papak dispatched somebody to call Sasan to his presence, and questioned him as follows: "From what race and family art thou? Out of thy fore-fathers and ancestors was there anybody who had exercised sovereignty or chieftainship before?" Sasan solicited from Papak his support and protection in these words: "Do me no hurt or harm." Papak accepted the request, and Sasan declared before Papak his own secret as it stood. On hearing his reply Papak was delighted, and so he ordered Sasan thus: "Elevate thy body by taking a bath." - "

It is quite clear from an Ahuramazdan view that the energy of Bahman or Aquarius was at work here.

Bahman is all about distant relationships. Here we see the late Parthian King of Iran who had no male heir to the throne asking his dearest friend a shepherd to take over the throne via marriage.

"Later on he gave him his daughter in marriage, and according to the law of nature she, in a short time, was pregnant by Sasan, and from her Ardashir was born. When Papak observed the youthful body and cleverness of Ardashir, he interpreted it thus: "The dream which I beheld was true." He regarded Ardashir as his own son, and brought him up as a dear child. "

In as much as it seems impossible to imagine, the Ahuramazdan open mindedness meant, that the heritage of Iran could be respected. Honor and allegiance to the culture was enough for one Emperor to oraganize the hand over of power.

In particular the respect of Iranian Emperors as Ahuramazdans to Astrological principles is evident:

"One day Artabanus invited to his presence the sages and astrologers, who belonged to his court, and put them the following question: "What do you observe regarding the seven planets and the twelve signs of the zodiac, the position and the motion of the stars, the condition of the contemporary sovereigns of different kingdoms, the condition of the peoples of the world, and regarding myself, children, and our family?"

"The chief of the astrologers said in reply as follows: "The Nahazig [Capricorn] is sunk below; the star Jupiter has returned to its culminating point and stands away from Mars and Venus, while Haptoirang [Ursa Major]and the constellation of Leo descend to the verge and give help to Jupiter; whereupon it seems clear that a new lord or king will appear, who will kill many potentates, and bring the world again under the sway of one sovereign." A second leader of the astrologers, too, came in the presence of the King and spoke to the following effect: "It is so manifest that any one of the male servants who flies away from his king within three days from to-day, will attain to greatness and kingship, obtain his wish, and be victorious, over his king."

There are not that many books, that remain from ancient times of Iran, that give direct evidence to the use of Astrology. But it is quite clear, that three Empires each three hundred years were present in Iran, for good Ahuramazdan reasoning of philosophy and astrology.

Ahurmazdans have consulted the astrology and spiritual forces since Cyrus the Great was contacted by spiritual forces to release the Jews. Later Darius gave respect to Ahuramazda, after he married the daughter of Cyrus and expanded the Empire "With Grace of Ahuramazda". 

Finally the Sasanians took over from the Parthians with the blessing of sacred spiritual forces as shown in the Investiture of Shahpur. There are many different interpretations to the engraving. Traditionally Shapur II is depicted in the centre with two spiritual forces to the left and right.

Dualism is at the heart of Ahuramazdan principles. The first duality is spiritual vs material. The second duality are the conflicting views in ones mind. It is clear that the winged image is supernatural, with a special phaser pointing up, as the correct form of ascendency. As such, many Ahuramazdans will think this is an advanced Being, looking over the continuous rulership in a moment of dilemmas and dischord. It shows how two sides of every aspect of life needs to be respected in presence of the spiritual forces.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Ahuramazdan: Management

For thousands of years, Ahuramazdans have witnessed the rise and fall of the Sun. Stone circles began, as far as 75,000 years ago in South Africa. Ahuramazdans began to manage.

But it was not until humans, moved out of Africa, into more temperate climates, and climbed the Zagros Mountains in the Iranian Plateau, did very accurate Sun and Lunar tables were created. Time was managed.

The need for water distribution, created the most advanced irrigation system. Ahuramazdan hydrology took the water from the mountains to the drier parts of the Iranian Plateau. Civilization was created.

Wells were created at equal distances away from the mountains. Reflection of the Moon was measured resuling in very accurate Moon Tables. Later these tables went to far away libraries as Iranians, especially Sasanian Princes, migrated East fleeing invasions and wars. Other civilizations were created.

Many cities in Iran were circular such as The Throne of Solomon or Gur. Ahuramazdans not only measured the rise and fall of the Sun, but knew the delineations to all the constellations. They managed changes in the universe.

As such Iranians thirst for mathematics was endless. It began with Ahuramazdans, known commonly as Sumerians, used a base 60 counting system. Obviously this was brought from other space-times. 

Many experiments were carried out to punctuate the evolution of human evolution. Persepolis shows how many advanced civilizations helped humans to build what became a social order. We see advanced beings working with humans. Extra-Terrestrial civilizations managed Earth.

Much of what we read about the extra-ordinary management systems of the Ahuramazdans defies modern science. Too many strange unexplainable archaeological artifacts, such as the Baghdad Battery, remain. 

The word "Deity" comes from the word "Dey". "Dey" connects to "Din" which means wisdom, but later to be connected to religion. "Dey" or "Day" links to the first day that is longer or the birthday of light on Winter Solstice in the North. We call it Yalda or Yule in Europe.

All these measurements and management systems, belong to the authority of Saturn or Keyvan in modern Astrology. Practical application of social laws, are at the heart of most modern governments. All were created for the sake of social well being and happiness to make heaven on Earth.

As this article states:

Zoroaster stated:

"Happiness come to the person who radiates happiness to others" 

From Zend-Avesta, Yasna 43 1-51.8

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Ahuramazdan: Explore

Ahuramazdans lived deep in Africa from as long as 75000 years ago. Stone circles have been discovered in Mpumalanga in what is now South Africa. Traditional archaeology has had to completely revised. The history of the world will be even more interesting in time.

As far as the Iranian Plateau is concerned, the study of Haplogroups in the Genome Project has correlated quite well with much of what is written in the Vendidad. The journey of Ahuramazdans began in the East Africa. The heat drove our fore fathers North. They eventually arrived in the Iranian Plateau.

Later many Ahuramazdans moved to Europe and built stone circles there. Some of the oldest clocks are found in the British Isles like Stonehenge. Ahurmazdans' time worship spread all over Europe.

There are sections in the Vendidad, that describe Ahuramazda speaking to the ancient Emperor of Iranians called Yima or James or Jamshid as in Takhte Jamshid, telling him to prepare for a long journey South, away of what would be an Ice Age. Isn't it strange how we all watch the film. It has a sub-conscious intuitive link in all of us.

"On the approach of a dire winter, which is to destroy every living creature, Yima, being advised by Ahura, builds a Vara to keep there the finest representatives of every kind of animals and plants, and they live there a life of perfect happiness."

In fact if you are into the connection of all humans to the extra-terrestrial, you need to read Immanuel Velikofsky, where he explores deep into the human psyche. Ahuramazdans were part of inter-galactic wars. What we call Atlantis disappeared and giants came to the Iranian Plateau. Hercules and Goliath are even remembered nowadays in childrens' stories.

All of this is part and parcel of what modern Astrologers or Ahuramazdans call Sagittarius or Azar. The word "Saghi" relates to the word "Sage". The symbol for the constellation comes from "Arash" or "The Archer". As the mythology goes his ability to draw the bow produced the boundary of Iran in the Tir Solstice (Cancer Solstice) when Jupiter was exhalted in Cancer or Tir.

This quest to find meaning with Fire later made Ahuramazdans make the oldest observatory in the world. It is called the Fire Temple of Azar Goshtasp way before the Jews called it The Throne of Solomon. The temple of Anahita is in it and much of present day Judaism and proto-Zoroastrianism is kept there.

Even todays the Mobeds carry out traditions that are purely astrological, but they do not know it. The 12 parts are the twelve constellations and the four parts are the four astrological elements.

"Gahanbar ceremony in Azargoshasb Fire Temple – Zoroastrians recited Avesta together with the Mobeds and retied their kustis.  Kusti (koshti) is a girdle (waistband) made from sheep wool, woven from 72 strings of woolen thread, representing the 72 chapters of Gathas, the holy hymns of Zarathushtra.  These 72 strings, divided into 12 equal parts, meaning 12 months of the year, and each of these 12 strings divided into 6 parts, meaning the 6 chahreh of Gahanbars, are woven together ending with 4 knots, which represents the 4 elements of nature:  water, air, earth and fire.  Zoroastrians tie the kusti on their waist, and by retying it each time, remind themselves of their duty to spread, righteousness, goodness, purity, peace and honesty and their duty to fight with wrong, evil, impurity, war and by-ways."

Lighting the candle and the reverence for the flame, is a symbol of the light that shines in the darkest moment. And so it is that the longest night is at the end of Azar. All Iranian stay up all that night to defeat darkness, but more importantly to celebrate the first longer day called Yalda. That later became Christmas.

As you can see much of what we now see in present day Zoroastrianism is Astrological and was originally what Ahuramazdans believed in way before Zoroaster was born.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Ahuramazdan: Reborn

For thousands of years, well before Zoroaster and the Zend-Avesta, Ahuramazdans handed down great secrets, passionately from one generation to another in the oral tradition.

Ahuramazdans were conquered. But the stories remained. The Ahuramazdans connected to ancient spirits. The history of the people who lived in the Iranian Plateau, was continuously reborn.

In 4th Century BC, the library of Persepolis was burnt down by Thais. One thousand years later, the library of Cteiphun was burnt by Salman Parsi. Iran fell to ruins after both occasions. The history of Iran has been written by its enemies, yet it remains.

These deep emotions and everlasting feelings, are Astrologically governed by Aban, Scorpio and the 8th House. Most people know of Seemorgh or the Iranian Phoenix, because it is mentioned in Shahnameh. Shahnameh was a copy of Khodayeh Namak. Most Zoroastrians do not know the Astrology.

Some of the oral traditions of Ahuramazdans were eventually written in the Zend-Avesta. It's language is distinct. It remained no matter what the prevailing language was in the Iranian Plateau. The Magi preserved much of it from pre-Zoroastrian times.

One section, Aban Yasht, contains the oldest parts of the most ancient history of Ahuramazdans. It is here you see biased translators refer to these oldest parts as a "Cult".

It reminds me of the way the Christians and Jews and Moslems, referred to old philosophies as Pagans. All of them had one thing in common. They did not like the Astrological connotations. Much of Zend-Avesta now has been surgically cleaned by translators, who looked for monotheistic religious concepts.

Only when you know the Astrology, can you hear the Ahuramazdans in your heart across space and time. Do not expect a Mobed in Iran to understand any of this. I know. I have asked them. That is why I am writing this.

Just read the interpretation of Aban Yasht written below:

The first person to translate Zend-Avesta James Daremesteter was not so judgemental:

I have reprinted the parts in the beginning that show the relationship to the Astrology:

1. Ahura Mazda spake unto Spitama Zarathushtra, saying: 'Offer up a sacrifice, O Spitama Zarathushtra! unto this spring of mine, Ardvi Sura Anahita, the wide-expanding and health-giving, who hates the Daevas and obeys the laws of Ahura, who is worthy of sacrifice in the material world, worthy of prayer in the material world; the life-increasing and holy, the herd-increasing and holy, the fold-increasing and holy, the wealth-increasing and holy, the country-increasing and holy;
2. 'Who makes the seed of all males pure, who makes the womb of all females pure for bringing forth, who makes all females bring forth in safety, who puts milk into the breasts of all females in the right measure and the right quality;
3. 'The large river, known afar, that is as large as the whole of the waters that run along the earth; that runs powerfully from the height Hukairya down to the sea Vouru-Kasha.
4. 'All the shores of the sea Vouru-Kasha are boiling over, all the middle of it is boiling over, when she runs down there, when she streams down there, she, Ardvi Sura Anahita, who has a thousand cells and a thousand channels: the extent of each of those cells, of each of those channels is as much as a man can ride in forty days, riding on a good horse.
5. 'From this river of mine alone flow all the waters that spread all over the seven Karshvares; this river of mine alone goes on bringing waters, both in summer and in winter. This river of mine purifies the seed in males, the womb in females the milk in females' breasts.
6. 'I, Ahura Mazda, brought it down with mighty vigor, for the increase of the house, of the borough of the town, of the country, to keep them, to maintain them, to look over them, to keep and maintain them close.

Anahita's Temple, the Goddess of the waters, is one of the oldest archaeological sites of Iran. It is in The Throne of Solomon. It is older than much of what we call Zoroastrianism. Aban or the Sun sign Scorpio is a fixed water sign in Astrology.

The collective in modern Astrology is symbolized by Aquarius or Bahman and Uranus. Uranus is exhalted in Aban. In present day only when humans cooperate can a new spirit be created. This new corporation is what drives teams of people to make companies and do business or make political manifestos in what we call democracy. This is our social contract to create and recreate our social order. The ruler of Aban, Pluto is exhalted in Amordad or Leo. 

In an after thought it is best to include:

132. 'Through the strength of this sacrifice, of this invocation, O Ardvi Sura Anahita! come down from those stars, towards the earth made by Ahura, towards the sacrificing priest, towards the full boiling [milk]; come to help him who is offering up libations giving gifts, sacrificing, and entreating that thou wouldst grant him thy favors; that all those gallant warriors may be strong, like king Vishtaspa.
'For her brightness and glory, I will offer her a sacrifice....
133. 'Yatha ahu vairya: The will of the Lord is the law of holiness.... 
'I bless the sacrifice and prayer, and the strength and vigor of the holy water-spring Anahita.
'Ashem Vohu: Holiness is the best of all good....
'[Give] unto that man brightness and glory, .... give him the bright, all-happy, blissful abode of the holy Ones!'

It is the last section of Aban Yasht where we read about the concepts of extra-terrestrial beings. Here the concepts of space and time travel are covered. Here the unique world of Ahuramazdans is mentioned as they were made by Ahuramazda which is distinct from other universal forces.

Throughout the Aban Yasht you read about the regeneration and cleansing of life that the Ahuramazdans handed down to us. It expresses the vastness of the force as waters. It shows how every tiny element is considered. The atom is spoken of. It speaks of the creation of important people in the Iranian history. That is why it has remained. It evokes the ancient spirit. It reaches back to the dawn of man.

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Ahuramazdan: Pax Iranica

New life begins in Farvardin or Spring with the singularity. After the six months it is made into a reality by the Good Deed of Shahrivar or Virgo.

On the seventh month, the identity has to learn to share with other identities, in order to increase or become more.

"1+1= 2"

The words "More", "Mehr", "Mir" or the Latin "Mithra" all mean to add with a contract.

The singular becomes more. But the operation or the operator is what makes it more.

The same concept attracts two single people to Love.

The two will be balanced and as such Libra is created in Latin.

We become a social being as we respect the law that binds us all.

The Ahuramazdans pronounced the Mehr Yasht in the Zend-Avesta orally from 20,000 years ago when they entered the Iranian Plateau from Africa:

"Like all texts of the Avesta, the Mihr Yašt belongs to an oral cul­ture of ritual poetry whose roots reach back to the prehistoric Indo-Iranian civilization. The god praised in this hymn—miθra-, whose Vedic cognate is mitrá-—is inherited from the Proto-Indo-Iranian culture, in which Mitra emerged as a deity embodying the notion of ‛contract.’ "

This is one of the oldest oral and written documents we share with the people of India.

"Although in the Rigveda only one hymn (RV 3.59) is dedicated to him alone, he frequently appears coupled with other gods, and especially the deity Varuṇa, with whom his name forms the dvandva compound mitráváruṇā “Mitra and Varuṇa,” a pair of gods praised in several hymns. The Avestan equivalents of the compound are the dvandvas miθra.ahura (Yt. 10.113, 145) and ahura.miθra (Y. 1.11, 2.11), with ahura re­placing váruṇa- in the Vedic compound. The earliest attestation of the names Mitra and Varuṇa is an oath formula in a 14th century BCE treaty between the Hittite and Mitanni kings (Kuzmina, 2007, p. 133)."

The Ahuramazdans that wrote Mehr Yashts, did not allow it to be written for thousands of years, in case the purity and soul of the words would not be felt. It was pronounced and handed down "seeneh be seeneh" (chest to chest). All Ahuramazdans sang it and as such knew it. 

Some of the very basic Ahuramazdan concepts of law and order, that formed the foundation of modern society, were derived from Mithraism, that eventually became Christianity itself.

The planet that rules Mehr and the 7th House is Venus. It's job is to unite. It's exhalted in its ability to reconcile everthing. It teaches us to be humble to Ahuramazda. This concept is the oldest in our Indo-European heritage and it is found in the Holy Rigveda of India.

Cultural unity based on humility and law was cultivated and affirmed by Ahuramazdan Cyrus the Great, as written in Cyropaedia of Xenophon. Later he produced the Declaration of Human Rights:

"I took up my lordly abode in the royal palace amidst rejoicing and happiness. Marduk, the great lord, /established as his fate or me a magnanimous heart of one who loves Babylon, and I daily attended to his worship."

"My vast army marched into Babylon in peace; I did not permit anyone to frighten the people of [Sumer] /and\ Akkad"

"I relieved their weariness and freed them from their service."

The peace and love of Ahuramazdan Cyrus the Great was preserved in the Old Testament.

"Cyrus is mentioned some twenty-three times in the literature of the Old Testament. Isaiah refers to Cyrus as Jehovah’s “shepherd,” the Lord’s “anointed,” who was providentially appointed to facilitate the divine plan. God would lead this monarch to “subdue nations” and “open doors” (an allusion to the Jews’ release from Babylonian captivity). He would make “rough places smooth,” i.e., accommodate the Hebrews’ return to their Palestinean homeland. He would ultimately be responsible for the rebuilding of Jerusalem and the reconstruction of the temple."

Pax Iranica created the first world Empire.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Ahuramazdan: Work

In Persian we refer to it as "the running of Shahr". In English, the word "Shire", and in Persian the word Shahr, are very old words, yet very similar, that have quietly remained.

Ahuramazdans knew what it meant to carry out work, clean and efficiently. They followed the creed that "Heaven was on Earth". The dictum Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds, was probably written by a person born as a Virgo or Shahrivar. Civilization is definitely very Virgo.

Whatever was thought of, had to have practical implications. As such they were scientific in their outlook. Every aspect of their life was looked at in great detail. The smaller elements were scrutinized and examined in more detail. The result was labelled and classified. Observation and record keeping were their tools. Try spoiling the Earth, Water, Air or Fire and you would get told off.

In Astrology Shahrivar is ruled by Asteroids and that act like a mesh and the dark side of Mercury. The interstellar debris that is being drawn to Jupiter, can only reach Earth, after it had made through the Asteroid belt. Mercury is practical and is exahlted in Bahman. The shy side of Mercury later became the pure Virgin and the name of the sign in western Astrology. 

Shahrivar energy is modest yet descerning. It's ability to separate and catagorise, gets it involved with scientific work for the benefit and nourishment of mankind efficiently. Ahuramazdans knew that only when their thoughts have been shared within humanity in a practical manner do they matter. This approach in not idealistic at all. It needs detailed real evidence that can be recreated all the time. There are no illusions. The Sharivar Asteroids carried out duties without question.

The name Avesta comes from Vesta the Asteroid nourishing the Fire. Ceres was the protector of nourishment and nurturing. Juno would carry out the legal duties. Finally Pallas Athena would be the builder. These were doers and did not have the cardinal qualities of planets. As such Shahrivar run the town and its services. They noted what is paid for and administrated. They were the civil servants and worked for government. Everything was carefully noted in detail. This has remained for thousands of years in our ancient writing since 3000 BC.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Ahuramazdan: Heart

In Persian we say Amordad, or undying. It represents that part of our life that gives birth. It is at the centre of power. It is the King or the Queen. All the light of the world begins there. It is the Sun.

Ahuramazdans actually referred to it in the Zend-Avesta exactly as we do now, Amordad. The English translation of it is Ameretat. 

There are three kinds of fire. There is the fire that makes us unique and gives us our identity called Farvardin or Aries. 

Then there is the fire that wants us to express, shine, and have the confidence that drives us to take risks. It gives birth. It is called Amordad or Leo. 

The third kind of fire is the fire of belief, that shines in the dark like a candle of hope and faith. It is called Azar or Sagittarius. It helps us explore and travel

As you can see, western Astrology just took the cosmological names and applied it to the astrology. 

The Ahuramazdans used the meaning behind each sign to create the name to begin with. To consistently and adamantly shine, requires the power of the Sun. 

It is the ability to express forever from your heart, is where the true meaning of Amordad comes from. It is not just the Sun or the Lion. It is the ultimate source of all life on Earth. 

As such the Ahuramazdans referred to it as the eternal flame, as symbolized in the Olympic Flame. It is alive in real-time, just like now, as I write and amend and rewrite.

In Astrology we know that each sign has a planetary ruler. We also know that certain planets are exahlted in certain signs. 

Pluto is exhalted in Leo. Pluto rules Scorpio. It is the Seemorgh that rises from the ashes. It does so by combining or sharing. 

It is the physical reunion of two identities that is expressed and creates new life. The  regeneration force of Aban or Scorpio is at work when Pluto is in Leo. 

Literally the body is reborn in the Sun. The old energy is recreated in the Sun. The Sun needs the ability of Aban to attract physical entities, and drive it to recreate.

In everyday normal life, two humans will be attracted to each other (Aban) and then procreate (Amordad). 

In modern finance, speculators will borrow funds (Scorpio) and take risks (Leo). 

Ultimately the new life will be the game of chance.