Sunday, 7 June 2015

Ahuramazdan: Wishes

We all have wishes and we wonder what it is that prevents our wishes and what it is that grants our wishes. It is deeply rooted in our own experiences, in this life and all the other experiences in other space times.

One of the greatest festivals in the Iranian culture, is when everyone prepares to jump over fire. It is called Chahar Shanbeh Soori.

Bonfires appear all over Iran. People then jump over fires and say:

"Zardiyeh man az to, sorkhi to az man"

(My yellow to you, your red to me)

Yellow signifies weakness or fear.
Red is fire.
Az means from you.

It is a time of reflection and humility. Sepandarmarzi or the month of Esfand is the month of Pisces.

In modern Astrology we have what is known as the 12th House. It is when we face our unself or unyou. It is our universal side. We forgive.

In the Zend-Avesta, we face the angels and ask for their help to face all our worries. We gather the courage to face all our past and reflect on them.

As part of "The Now", it is the one of the legs of what makes you. The other part is Farvardin or Aries. It has remained in the Zend-Avesta as Sepandarmarzi, or looking at the other side of you; which are not in the real feel, touch, see, hear, taste senses in the real world.

Being in touch with the universal part of you, brings you to the transcedental parts of you. You become in tune with whatever you see as the ultimate reconciler in your universe, whatever it may be.

In Astrology it is whatever rules the 12th House. You will see me refer to it in Iran Astrology Blog. In today Iran, 80 million people celebrate Chaharshanbehsoori in the last Wednesday eve before Knowrooz.

In the Zend-Avesta the referrences:

In Yasna 48:4

"One who makes his mind better or worse, O Mazda, his deed, word and conscience shall follow sure. The path selected by one's voluntary choice, his will and faith shall also follow the same and shall be in tune with them. According to Thy wisdom, O Mazda, their destiny shall be distinct from each other."

The key phrase is "voluntary choice". You have then in the 12th House or Esfand the ultimate Free Will to choose the path you want.

You can reconcile, in other parallel space-times, no matter you call them parrallel universes or other life times.

But reconciliation is a two way process. You need to face the fear of meeting that obstacle again and to reconcile it. It is that Karma that comes around again. Sepandarmarzi or the universal repent will be the attitude you need. And through this reconciliation comes your wishes. This reconciliation will wash your soul and set it free. You have free will.

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